Monday, March 16, 2009

Challenge Healthy Girl to Give Your Favourite Meal a Makeover!

Got a favourite food or meal that's full of cream? Deep-fried? Super sweet? Really rich? Loaded with simple carbs (like sugar and white flour?) Wish you could eat it more often without feeling unhealthy? Bring your recipes or concepts to me, and I'll do my best to create a healthier version that you can make in your own kitchen without spending too much time or money, and that you can feel great about feeding yourself and your family!

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be collecting submissions here, through our Facebook group, and via email ( When I have enough submissions, HGC will feature a series of your favourite meals, healthified. I can't do this without your help, though, so start thinkin', tell your friends, and lay 'em on me, y'all!


  1. Unfortunately, these have been banned from my list because they're just too guilty of a pleasure. If you know of an alternative for any of these, they'd be a godsend.

    - chocolate cake/brownies/devil's food
    - tiramisu
    - any al fredo or cheese-based pasta dish, especially macaroni and cheese (carbs!!! =( )
    - pina coladas, daiqueris

  2. ooooo, those are good. i'm definitely feeling the burn of a challenge! decadent sweets are especially hard to recreate in any kind of satisfying healthy way, but i'll give it my best! i've got some ideas for healthified macaroni and cheese that will need to simmer in the test kitchen for a bit...i might need a taste tester :)
    and as for pina coladas & daiquiris: honey, i am the cocktail QUEEN. i'll definitely come up with somethin!

  3. for those of us who prefer ordering chinese, to you have suggestions when looking over those take out menus? In my defense, I believe my children are fantastic cooks because of what I have not taught them!